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Our shop prides itself in the ability to consistently provide high quality vinyl wrap and custom graphics for the most affordable prices in town. If you need vinyl work for your vehicle then give us a call today for a free estimate!

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Car Wraps Knoxville TN

Thank you for inquiring about our vehicle wrap Knoxville shop. You will find that we can provide more services than any other wrap shops in Knoxville. Not only do we have the most services, we also have the highest rated professional technicians installing every graphic or wrap. Here at Car Wraps Knoxville we are dedicated to upholding high product standards in our shop and our customers have come to appreciate our consistency in doing so. Some of the high quality vinyl car wrap we provide includes but is not limited to black chrome wrap, camo car wrap, carbon fiber wrap, color change vinyl wrap and many more. Take a look through our website at some of the amazing services provided at our shop and let us know how we can serve you today. We look forward to working with you!

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About Car Wraps Knoxville TN

When it comes to providing the highest quality vinyl wrap Knoxville can always count on Car Wraps Knoxville. We have been working in the Knoxville area for many years and our customers appreciate our attention to detail and dedication to our service. We have been operating our business based on three basic principles and we believe this has helped us to our success. Those include:

  1. Provide affordable services for everyone. It is important to us that every resident of Knoxville and the surrounding areas has the chance to use our premium services. Our car wraps Knoxville pricing is very competitive and structured for any type of budget.

  1. Properly train and provide top of the line tooling to our professional technicians for a perfectly seamless vinyl installation. We aim to have the best car wraps Knoxville has to offer and that starts with training our staff.

  1. Treat each customer like family. We are proud of our staff and the consistent friendly customer service they provide. We want our customers to feel safe and provide a welcoming atmosphere. You will never get pushy sales pitches or feel pressured into any situation.

We are dedicated to our customers and their satisfaction is our number one priority. We diligently work with each customer to ensure their needs are exceeded. If you find yourself searching “vinyl wrap near me” then look no further than Car Wraps Knoxville for all of your vinyl car wrap needs.

Why Choose Our Vehicle Wraps TN Shop

We are known for having the highest quality vinyl wrap Knoxville has to offer. Our entire staff is dedicated to keeping our quality output as high as possible. We have been working with Knoxville and the surrounding areas for many years and many of our customers have worked with us before and continue to support our business. When people think of “the best vehicle wraps near me” Car Wraps Knoxville always comes to mind. You will never get taken advantage of or pressured into purchasing a service you do not want. We have structured a variety of services and packages to appeal to any budget or design. We welcome you to take a look through our website and see why we are one of the highest rated Knoxville wrap shops. If you have any questions or would like to receive a free quote contact us via email, phone, online submission form or even stop by our shop!

What to Expect From Our Vehicle Wrap Knoxville Shop

Many of our customers appreciate our attention to detail, affordable prices and friendly customer service that we maintain for every transaction. We understand that purchases having to do with your vehicle can be intimidating. But here at Car Wraps Knoxville you will never get pushy sales pitches or feel pressured into any situation. We strive to provide the most hassle free process possible. Below is a typical transaction at our shop:

  • You reach out to us via phone, email, online submittal form or stopping by the shop and request a quote..
  • After discussing with the staff we determine an estimate for parts and labor associated with your request.
  • You have time to go over the quote and assess if you need to make any changes or not.
  • If you agree, then we have you bring your vehicle down to the shop.
  • We begin the wrap process by prepping the vehicle. This entails a rigorous cleaning, buffing out scratches or scuffs and pulling out any small dings.
  • We begin installing the wrap by meticulously adhering the vinyl to your vehicle.
  • Depending on the size of your wrap the post process cleanup can take quite some time. This includes trimming all excess film and smoothing out those trouble areas.
  • After completion, you come take a look at your new whip and leave a happy camper!

There is a reason our Knoxville car wraps are so well known. We treat every customer with the respect they deserve and make the transaction as smooth as possible. We welcome any questions you may have before, during or even after the wrap is installed. If you want to find out why so many residents of Knoxville and the surrounding areas rely on us to provide their wrapping services then give us a call today for a free estimate!

Our Services

Our vinyl car wrap Knoxville shop is home to the most available services in the area. We take pride in serving the community with high quality vinyl wrap car services. Take a look through a handful of our premium services and let us know how we can take care of you today!

knoxville car paint protection film

Paint Protection Film

Our paint protection film is the ultimate defender against the elements. Rocks, dirt and even the sun do not stand a chance against this top of the line 3M vinyl wrap. We take an ultrathin transparent layer and drape it across your vehicle to provide a barrier between your car and the rough outdoors. When you are looking for a “protective vinyl wrap car near me” then you need to call Car Wraps Knoxville!

knoxville car wrap color change

Vinyl Color Change

One of our favorite 3M wrap technologies is vinyl color change. This gradient car color wrap means you do not have to settle for a single color when choosing your wrap. We have a variety of different color palettes and color changing styles. Our most popular is the temperature activated wrap that can transform your vehicle in the rain or snow!

knoxville custom car wrapping

Custom Wrap Design

We are known for having the best custom car wraps Knoxville has to offer. We have a full staff of professional designers prepared to bring your ideas to life. We can completely transform your vehicle with custom car advertising wrap or custom car graphics. We welcome you to bring in your own designs and we will work with you to make sure it fits on your vehicle perfectly

knoxville commercial wraps

Commercial Wraps

We have worked with dozens of companies in the area to provide car signage. Your business logo is an extension of who you are and you want to proudly showcase it to the world! We will take your logo and give it justice or work with you to design a new logo. Our car wrap cost is a fraction of our competition so whichever way you lean you are guaranteed the best price in town.ess.

Car Wraps

When people ask “where can I find car wrap near me?” Car Wraps Knoxville is always the first name that comes to mind! Our high quality car wraps are meticulously installed by some of the most proficient technicians in the field. We are dedicated to upholding high product standards for all of our car wraps.

Truck Wraps

It does not matter how small or large your truck is, our installers can handle it! We have wrapped every truck from a small chevy to a Peterbilt and everything in between. Our vehicle wraps cost much less than any other wrap shops in Knoxville so you never have to worry about going over your budget!

Van Wraps

Vans are the perfect vehicle for advertising your business or showcasing wicked cool graphics. They have large surface areas to really let your imagination run wild! We have been wrapping vans for many years and we will ensure every seam and door edge is perfectly aligned. For the best “auto wrap near me” call us today!

Boat Wraps

Where other wrap shops fall behind is their ability to provide boat wraps. We have the highest quality marine grade vinyl on the market to ensure it can withstand the beatings of years at the lake. We offer custom graphics, advertisement wraps and even vinyl lettering to secure your boat's name.

Bus Wraps

Our auto wrap Knoxville shop extends it’s services all the way into busses. Whatever size the bus is our professional technicians are prepared to handle the job! We have industrial printers that can handle any size custom or monochromatic prints. We also offer contravision so if you run out of room on your bus we can just extend that vinyl onto the windows!

Trailer Wraps

All of our premium packages and services also apply to trailers! We have wrapped gooseneck, flat deck, enclosed, dump and even travel trailers. We can provide vinyl lettering for registration, custom graphics or your company's logo. Our knoxville car wrap cost much less than anywhere in town so you do not have to break the bank!

Our Packages

One Way Vision (Contravision)

One way vision (or contravision) is a revolutionary technology in the 3M car wrap field. This vinyl technology allows you to lay vinyl wrap advertisements or graphics on your car windows and still allows the passengers on the inside to see out. This is an excellent tool for large displays or even storefront windows.

Basic Spot Graphics

Our basic spot graphics is the entry level package. This package allows you to install a couple small logos or graphics throughout your vehicle. These designs can be your own or we are more than happy to help you bring your ideas to life. This is the ultimate budget package when you just need a couple small logos on the two front doors of your vehicle.

Spot Graphics

Our spot graphics package is similar to the basic spot graphics package. The only difference is for a slightly higher cost you can get the same benefits but with much larger logos or graphics. This allows you to cover a larger surface area of your vehicle for those more ornate prints you want to display. All of our car wrap prices are the lowest in town so whichever package you choose you are always getting the best deal!

Partial Wraps

Our partial wraps package expands on the same benefits as the spot graphics package but you cover a large portion of the vehicle. This package could entail wrapping a hood, both quarter panels, bumpers or even a tailgate. Custom graphics, monochromatic or polychromatic colors it does not matter we can provide all of our premium services in this package!

Full Wraps

Our most common package we provide is a full wrap. Many of our customers want to transform their vehicle but have the added benefit of rock chip and scuff protection from the vinyl. A full vinyl wrap is a fraction of the cost of a new paint job but also provides protection to your vehicle. You are getting 2 benefits in one low price!

About Knoxville TN

Knoxville Tennessee is home to the third largest populated city in the state. With just under 200,000 residents in 104 square miles of city space. Knoxville has a deep rooted culture dating back as far as the late 18th century. The city was a critical component to developing the railroad services and a huge impact on the economic boom of the mid 19th century. There are many reasons to bring you to Knoxville including the famous Three Rivers Rambler, Knoxville Zoo and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. Situated in the central northeast of Tennessee there are still a few notable nearby cities. Those include:

  • Kimberlin Heights, TN
  • Karns, TN
  • Powell, TN
  • Woodfield Park, TN
  • Claxton, TN
  • Heiskell, TN
  • New Hopewell, TN
  • Many more surrounding areas

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to wrap my car?

Many of our services only take a matter of hours but our full wraps package requires meticulous work and can take up to 2-3 days!

Can I wrap my car myself?

There are many obstacles when it comes to wrapping a vehicle. It is tedious work and is best left for the professionals at our shop. It is much easier and cost effective for us to start on your vehicle brand new and not try to work around any portions you may have installed.

How long does a wrap last?

We typically rate our wraps in the 4-6 year range but since we purchase the highest quality vinyl on the market we have seen wraps reach 10 years!

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I never knew my truck could look this good! They really worked her over good. I love how clean the wrap looks!

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Very friendly service and helped me every step of the way. A+++

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Hands down best prices in town!

Raul M.

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We have more services and packages than any other wrap shops in town. We are dedicated to providing high quality craftsmanship, affordable pricing and outstanding customer service. We have never turned away a customer and will always work with you to make sure you get the product you deserve. Here at Car Wraps Knoxville we never cut corners and have established high product standards in our shop. Our schedules are quickly filling up so if you need any vinyl work soon do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free quote!


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